While working as lead research ,i have several years of experience in software architecture, team lead, project management and the other usual stuff.

Since im still a passionate developer with a lot of curiosity, i spend a big part of my free time researching interesting topics and creating projects.

Even tho i am not particularly focussed on just one specific topic, my favorite's always have been security and 'smart processing'.

the blog

Over the years, i learned a lot and got as much if not more inspiration by reading blog posts of any kind.

So i thought why not give it a try and maybe help to inspire others, the same way i got inspired so many times.

This blog will contain 'tech-oriented' posts - tho the topics may vary - impossible to nail it down further.

So if this blog will just achieve the goal of inspiring some developers, or just provide them with an enjoyable time reading - than it served its purpose.

the projects

As mentioned above, i spend quite some of my free time to create all sorts of projects.

Some of them are rather large and could be cold long term since im working on them for years, while others just may be small scripts.

My plan is to pick out some of the most interesting projects, and showcase them on this website.

Same as the blog, i mostly hope to inspire some developers with my ideas or just give them a good time checking out the things i build.

Since showcasing the projects at least requires them to have some sort of short explanation/documentation there is preparation i have to do before i will update the projects page.

I hope I could capture your interest. Stay tuned for future updates.

So long and thanks for all the fish